Pinterest Pics – Weekly Round-Up

This week, I have been kind of sickly with a cold and wish I could breathe through my nose.  I hope all of you lovely readers are avoiding the Spring colds and allergies… So for this week, I thought it would be fun to pick pins about good smelling things and try and remember what it is like to be able to smell! Haha!


Peppermint Tea soap from Teehaus just sounds amazing right now! 1) Peppermint tea can make anyone feel better right? 2) Bubble baths and/or hot showers with a delightful soap is so soothing and helpful!


I can’t recall an Onyx candle scent that I didn’t like. They are all wonderful and really can make your space not only smell amazing, but also feel more warm and cozy.


Essential Oil Roller-balls are just the thing to carry with you, especially when you cant just stay home and snuggle up. We had our class to learn how to make these recently and that was a blast!


Finally, Stinky Bomb Soap. Contrary to it’s name, it is not stinky at all and smells really wonderful! A really fun product for the whole family!


Thanks for checking out our Pinterest Pics of the week! Maybe next week I will be able to smell things again! 😉


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