Tales from a Shopkeep

2b1b64f5c4e92907d562f15502c0734cAhh yes, another week in shopkeep land has come and gone. This week  the weather has proven to be quite interesting, with snow, sleet, hail, a freeze overnight and winds from out of this world. More than that though, this shopkeep has been a busy bee in the back of Gather, working in the Conduit Press studio, trying to get orders done and shipped out before Mother’s Day. So, if you see me in the back, hiding behind my monstrous table, scratching my forehead and tripping over … well, everything, just know that I’m doing my best. That’s all we can do, right?

In between binding books and pressing leaves in the CP studio, I spent the first part of my week making art with my little. Griffin absolutely Loves to make new things, and every week we have a wide array of projects blessing our dining room table. This week, it was salt dough figures that we made the dough, the figures, and then painted them, so he could then make up stories and books about where each has come from . . . and is going. My little sweetheart. (And then, I doodled on some scrap watercolor paper while the clay baked).

Mid-week I was reunited with a few old friends – one with lunch at our favorite Tuesday spot (Kingdough) and the other over a telephone call after she saw an item from the store she wanted (on FB) shipped to her  up in Michigan. We laughed and sighed about our small business woes, and caught up as much as two busy small business owning women can do! Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my Lovely (albeit blustery) Friday morning walk with another dear friend – something we hope to make a tradition. It was quite nice to spend a couple hours of a Friday morning unloading and refreshing in the hills of nature and suburbia!

Photograph by Mia Beach – from her Metamours Exhibition

And last but not least – this post has become a little more personal and less about being a shopkeep at Gather – but alas, that’s what being a shopkeep at Gather entails!!! On Friday evening I was able to visit an old friends’ MFA Photography Exhibition Opening Reception at the Grunwald Gallery. I can’t possibly tell you the last time I was at the Grunwald (which is a travesty of my own making!). What I can tell you is that the exhibition put together by Mia Beach is absolutely breath-taking.  I’ve Loved Mia’s work since the moment I set eyes on it, and this series stays true to everything I know she is. (It made me go back and read what I wrote about her five long years ago in this post!) So, all I can say is GO, Run, and savor in the art that is there. The show runs until the 16th and you won’t regret it.

And that’s that. Here’s to another week!! May yours be filled to the brim!


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