Current : a fashion event downtown

See those awesome photos up there – they’re from our First Annual Fashion Show, sponsored by the Bloomington Fashion Collective – a fundraiser for My Sister’s Closet. That was 2015!!! This year, we’re doing it again!!! We cannot wait to show you what the retail stores of downtown Bloomington have to offer you!!!

This year our show is geared toward creative culture! At the heart of the event, it will still be a fashion show focusing on our local boutiques of course and even deeper down, at its core, it will be a philanthropic event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club! What better way to show the young children of the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club how much we care than my showcasing the creativity and culture of our downtown!!

Please join us on May 13th at 7pm at the Bloomington Convention Center for Current. Tickets are $20 and go toward the B & G Club. Not only will it be a night full of creative culture and FASHION, it will also be full of music from the Mbrira Queens a special appearance from Amanda Biggs, turn-of-hand from Ace Saturn Magician, and Alison Zook presiding as our emcee. It’s going to be a SUPER fun night, and for a great cause!!! Tell your friends – buy a ticket – buy a ticket for a friend. Available online here – and in the shop!!!

current volume 1



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