Tales from a Shopkeep

This weekend was FULL of wonderful-ness for us at Gather, and in Bloomington. This weekend marks the end of the IU spring semester and a time when the town calms down a bit (only a bit) and comes back to ‘us’.  It was also Gallery Walk and Mother’s Day!! So, three big things happening all three days of the weekend led to a very amazing weekend!

d9713308e80acdf32146086c65db4e1dOn Friday I welcomed my dear friend Sandy Baker to our Gallery Walk. Sandy is a seamstress by trade,  and an awe-inspiring costume designer by night. She’s also a great friend with a boisterous laugh, a great smile, and a knowledge behind everything sewn you can ever imagine. Her show, “Costume Drama” hangs for the month of May, and you really should stop by and see it! In our shop window you’ll find three of her handmade costumes in all their glory, with stories behind them to boot. A vicious dragon, a beautiful period gown, and a sweet sweet sleeping beauty childlike dress (complete with crown, wig, and sword). From there, venture into our gallery, and along the gallery wall you’ll find four stories told in photographs using the beautiful costumes that Sandy has created and her imagination. The photos were all taken locally and by local photographers (Indy counts), and have their own special tale.


On Saturday we got to host yet another local artist, d46410be75f7953790b68af9dea57bc5Jamie Jackson and her Sacred Jewels by Leela. Jamie’s jewels are more than meets the eye and have a meaning and spirit behind them more than any other I’ve felt. It was a pleasure to have her presence in the shoppe, if only for the day. I do hope you stopped by to say hello.

What’s beginning to be so Lovely about Gather, and has been for quite some time actually, is the regulars that we get to see each and every weekend. Our town is small, but not that small, and yet, something about knowing which of you is going to stop in for Gallery Walk (Thank you Jeff, Siobahn, and Maggie!! ) and who is going to stop by on a Saturday afternoon after the Farmer’s Market (Hi Miranda and Jeff) or which high school students might stop in just before closing on Mother’s Day to purchase a card (I won’t name names there!). It’s a bit like Mayberry, or maybe Stars Hollow (you find the reference there!)

So, thank you, again, to all of you that make it a regular stop in your week to stop in and see what’s new at Gather. We appreciate it. I appreciate it. And am so thankful and grateful you are here.

And in case you didn’t make it in this weekend, because you were avoiding the graduation traffic that downtown endured – here’s a little peek of what’s new in the store this past week! More to come!


Hope your week is filled to the brim.




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