Tales from a Shopkeep

Oh what a week!! Students are gone and we can start to breathe townie-life back into our beings . . . or can we? The older I get, the longer I live in this town, the less the students become a part of it. . . Interesting that.

So, this week we spent getting ready for a couple of big events for the weekend! First up was the Bloomington Fashion Collective Event – Current! Current was a fashion show featuring the latest designs from local downtown boutiques, music from both the Mbira Queens and Amanda Biggs (featuring Dave Gulyas), magic from Ace Saturn, and most importantly, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington. See a video here of our final walk!! And here is the amazingly talented Amanda Biggs singing My Girl while local papa and daughter dance! Below are my two amazing models who I owe the world too!! Hair and Make-up by Mira Salon!! Outfits by Victrola (carried in the shop of course)!

After the Fashion Show I was lucky enough to be whisked away by my besties to eat on the chilly patio at Upland while eating some fabulous nachos and listening to some …interesting music. 😉

On Saturday, we signed up for our first Woolery Market. And boy, was it COLD! Luckily, I asked that we be placed next to my friend Chelsea of Tactile Melodies, so we had a partner in crime to keep us warm in conversation! And, it was such a sight for sore eyes when our favorite pug and her mama and daddy just happened by too!!

Then came Sunday. I was exhausted from all the activity of the weekend and I could barely wake up on Sunday morning! I felt (and looked) hung-over and hadn’t drank a drop! And so, when I remembered at approximately 10:40 that we were to be at a Waffle Birthday Bash at 11:00 while sitting and eating leftover Indian food for breakfast, I nearly had a heart attack. But, I didn’t. Instead, we got our shit together, and made it to waffles only a little late…and closed the store for today. Let’s call it a mental health day. We all need one occasionally, and I’m no different.

Thank goodness for good friends, good food, and chilly jacket weather! Sunday evening the little and I went for a photo shoot in the ‘woods’ with Natasha Komoda. I HATE having my photo taken, but Natasha made it relaxing and enjoyable. Even Griffin said, “I like having my photo taken like this!”

And there you have it. Our weekend in pictures and words.

I hope your week is filled to the brim, and we’ll see you again next week!


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